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We are Queen Transportation + Logistics

Queen Transportation is a privately-owned asset-based carrier that offers our clients over 40 years of experience in handling their local, intrastate and interstate transport needs.


Certainly, our industry expertise is a factor; it offers a level of reliability that truly stands out. But many look to the experience we offer, which helps us provide a reputation for flexibility that’s unmatched. You’ll never hear us say that we can’t do the job—we’re up to any challenge. And Queen Transportation is committed to getting the job done right 100% of the time—which means we are dedicated to total quality and constant improvement. But many choose Queen because we’re not just another large, impersonal company. They like the human touch we offer, the feeling that we care, and our focus on superb customer service. Which is why customers who choose to work with us once work with us again; and why our long-time customers have no intention of ever leaving.


Removing the headache of shipping.

Shippers call upon us when they are searching for a single, dependable source to outsource their shipping. They choose us when they need a reliable, experienced hand to help them handle all the logistical headaches that go with modern commercial transportation. They use our trucks. They trust our drivers. And by working with us they realize cost savings and enjoy the freedom from worry that comes from trusting us as their single source to handle the job, as opposed to relying on many different brokers, independent contractors and third parties. By being an asset-based carrier we are better able to handle your capacity requirements, manage equipment demands to quickly benefit your changing needs, and able to offer you a degree of flexibility that would come at an increased cost in service with others, but comes standard with us.

Let's Go The Distance

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