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Today companies who handle their own shipping often must be experts in scheduling, budgeting and warehousing, not to mention highly knowledgeable in regarding the capabilities and limitations of a wide array of road vehicles. Even those with large staffs dedicated to handling transportation find it hard to provide cost-effective, efficient, timely solutions to get the job done.

Fortunately, Queen Transportation offers customers its own line of trucks, drivers and can provide brokerage services to fit your needs. We provide customers with a single point of contact to address concerns, handle planning details, and deliver the level of accountability and personal service you deserve. No matter if your freight requirements demand FTL, LTL, or special temperature controlled vehicles, all it takes is one call and we can get your shipment where it needs to go on-time and on budget.

We also offer access to a pool of qualified, economical carriers that we can connect with to provide even greater transportation capabilities. Clients like the fact that we can tailor a solution to fit the situation—large or small. In addition to efficiency and cost savings this offers them peace of mind, since someone else is dealing with all the problems that could crop up. No matter if your transportation need is local, regional, or national, let us do the planning and provide the right solution.

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