It’s more than simply storage—it’s a critical way to control costs.

Queen Transportation warehousing solutions offer flexible, secure solutions that fit your needs.

Once vast piles of boxed freight in inventory waiting to be moved was a source of pride to a company. But today due to lean management philosophies this is viewed as an area of waste that needs to be eliminated. Which makes it more imperative for companies to become more creative in handling their storage needs. Queen Transportation understands this, and it’s why we can provide customers with cost-effective, efficient Contract warehousing and Public warehousing services.

Contract warehousing offers such advantages as guaranteed space, dedicated equipment, labor facilities and operational support, whereas public warehousing provides start-ups or those with overflow or unpredictable needs, a ready storage answer.

Or if you wish you can take advantage of our own warehouse facility, which many of our regional clients find more than adequate to fulfill their immediate capacity requirements. If your warehouse is beginning to look a bit crowded, then give us a call and let us handle the load. We have the capacity to come up with a smart solution, whatever your operational and budgetary demands.

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